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Monday, October 06, 2014

The illegal aliens' matchmaker

We in Israel also have illegal aliens.

On Monday, at the Knesset Interior Committee, Chairwoman Miri Regev had some scathing criticism for Israel's Supreme Court its approach to illegal aliens.
MK Miri Regev (Likud), the Chairperson of the Knesset's Committee for the Interior and Environment, mocked High Court Judge Uzi Fogelman's arguments in favor of anulling parts of the Infiltrators' Law.
The judge noted that infiltrators who are detained at the Holot center will have difficulty devoting time to their “hobbies” and finding partners from the opposite sex.
"It is time that the judges in the state of Israel understand that there is real human hardship in Israel,” she said. “I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that the High Court was concerned with the infiltrators' hobbies and love matches. Has the High Court turned into a matchmaker?”
Unfortunately, however, Regev's words are just that - words. The tyranny of Israel's Supreme Court will apparently continue unabated.  This is from the original link.
MK Regev promised that by December 22, a new bill would be submitted to the Knesset “that will also provide a solution to the matchmaking issue, but will continue the idea of returning the infiltrators to their countries of origin.”
The High Court struck down key sections of the Infiltrator Law two weeks ago, in a ruling that has caused anguish among residents of the working class neighborhoods where most infiltrators live, which have seen a spike in violent crime due to their presence.
The days when the Knesset could overrule the Supreme Court in this country are unfortunately gone. What could go wrong? 

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