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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Cleveland Jewish Federation to counter protest against Cavs-Maccabi game

The Cleveland Jewish Federation is coming to out to counter a protest by 'Palestinian' supporters of an exhibition game between the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers - now coached by Israeli David Blatt (pictured with an Iranian player at the Olympics) - and Blatt's former team, Maccabi Tel Aviv.
"Once again, this Palestinian group refuses to protest in the right place," said federation president Steve Hoffman in an emailed statement. "They should be protesting the terrorist leadership of Hamas that started the war this summer, prolonged the war this summer, and, in doing so, caused the death of its own innocent civilians.
"The Palestinian people have a partner in peace in the Israeli people, but they need to convince their leadership that they need to be partners in peace as well."
Protest organizer Abbas Falasteen Hamideh called the match-up -- and a Sunday morning reception in which Blatt is set to honor Israeli soldiers injured in the Gaza war -- shameful.
"For Blatt to honor a brutal occupation army as coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers is irresponsible to say the least and mind blowing to Palestinians who are die-hard fans of the team," Hamideh said Wednesday.
Blatt has been an outspoken supporter of Israel during the recent flare-ups in Gaza.
I have to wonder how many 'die hard' 'Palestinian' Cavaliers' fans there are, especially since the Cavaliers have been - ahem - not very good for the last few years (yes, I know, LeBron James re-signed with them, but he's older now than when he left). I'd bet there are many more 'die hard' 'Palestinian' Detroit Pistons' fans....

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