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Sunday, October 05, 2014

B'Tslem admits its primary researcher in Judea and Samaria is a Holocaust denier

A month ago, I reported that Atef Abu-Alrub, 'human rights group' B'Tselem's chief source in Judea and Samaria, is a Holocaust denier.

At first, B'Tselem claimed that Abu-Alrub's remarks were 'lies' and were 'taken out of context,' but now they're changing their tune.
[O]n Sunday, a Facebook post by the group pledged to "seriously examine the issue." 

"After an [initial] investigation conducted with the researcher, and in a letter sent to our employees, we established that Mr. Abu feels 'unequivocally that the Holocaust is a 'crime,' was a 'threat against the Jewish people,' and that Channel 2 translated the words of another speaker who was present," the organization began. 
"[However,] a few days ago a video was posted of the full conversation. Indeed, most of the conversation that was filmed is translation of a third person [present at the interview]," it continued. "But, upon watching the video, we saw that it shows that contrary to the above, the [remarks about the Holocaust] were not translating the words of a third person, but were made directly by Mr. Abu-Alrub."
"In view of this, we seek to fix our response on this matter, which was given in good faith and make it clear that we are disgusted," it concluded.  "B'Tselem is careful in maintaining the reliability and accuracy of its work and publications. Therefore, we promise to hold inquiry as soon as possible into the incident and we will publish the decision as soon as it is made."
I'm shocked. No, not shocked that B'Tselem would use a Holocaust-denying researcher, but shocked that they would admit it and pledge to do something about it.  Please - shock me again and actually do something about it.

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Hmmm. IDIOTS is spelled I-D-I-O-T-S!
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