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Friday, October 03, 2014

Lancet editor comes to Israel and apologizes

You might recall that last summer, the Lancet published a scathing smear of the IDF's actions in Gaza, and then refused to publish any responses. Eventually, they published some small and inadequate responses. Now, the editor of the Lancet has come to Israel and invited Israeli medical professionals to tell their story alongside the 'Palestinians.'
Dr. Richard Horton made a statement Thursday during Grand Rounds at the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, which he visited earlier in the week.
Horton reportedly said during his statement that he “deeply, deeply regrets” publishing the letter to the people of Gaza in The Lancet during this summer’s conflict in Gaza between Israel and Hamas. Several dozen physicians from the West signed the letter, which also accused Israel of “cruel” and “vicious war crimes.” Physicians, researchers and Israeli officials decried the letter.
But during his statement at Rambam on Thursday, Horton reportedly condemned the contributors to The Lancet who promote explicitly anti-Semitic materials, expressed a new understanding of Israeli realities including the complexities of the Arab-Israel conflict, and pledged a new relationship with Israel.
He also invited Israelis to “tell the Israeli health story” in The Lancet, in parallel to the Palestinians’.
'Not good enough' says NGO Monitor, which last month outed two of the signers as supporters of American racist David Duke. 
Following Horton’s remarks, NGO Monitor, a Jerusalem-based research institute which monitors non-governmental organizations, said in a statement that it is “urgent that the July 2014 “An Open Letter for the People of Gaza” be removed from The Lancet’s website and a formal retraction and apology be published prominently, both on the website and the next hard copy issue.”
NGO Monitor also called on The Lancet to “undertake positive initiatives to accurately inform the medical community of Israel’s contributions to medicine, as well as the close cooperation that takes place between different sectors of the population.”
They could start by publicizing that Mrs. Abu Bluff has had surgery in Israel....

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