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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Shocka: Israeli Navy intercepts weapons bound for Gaza

Anyone who thinks that Hamas was going to stop trying to murder Israelis just because Israel destroyed thousands of buildings in Gaza was simply fooling themselves. A commander in Israel's Navy has told the Jerusalem Post that since the end of Operation Protective Edge, the Navy has intercepted several weapons shipments that were included in 'building materials' headed to Gaza.
“We continue to see attempts to smuggle weapons or material to build them. The sea is a very convenient platform for smuggling.

The terrorists still have one big smuggling tunnel, and it’s called the Mediterranean,” said [Cmdr. Eli] Soholitski.

Asked if the blockage of smuggling tunnels that linked Sinai to Gaza could lead to an increase in naval-smuggling attempts, Soholitski answered in the affirmative.

“In the end, our area of coverage is very big. This requires us to be professional and ensure that smuggling doesn’t happen. We need to invest in technological resources to achieve this and in people. There are no computers that can do this job without the eyes of a navy controller. Nothing is automatic. People are central to all of this,” he said.
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