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Friday, October 03, 2014

Yaalon: The hell I'll expose my troops to Ebola

Although the United Nations calls for our replacement with a 'state of Palestine' every November, when push comes to shove, they always call on Israel to help. But this time, despite a request from the United Nations and the Obama administration to open IDF field hospitals, Israel said 'no,' it will not send its troops to Africa to fight Ebola. No, not because of the danger of Ebola, but because of the danger to IDF troops' lives.
The Foreign Ministry recommended the Defense Ministry respond positively to the American's request, even though it was a complex mission, which runs the risk of infection for medical crews, who would have been forced to wear full NBC suits.

The mission was further complicated by the need to provide security for each such encampment.

Despite all these risks, the Foreign Ministry believed that participation in such a mission would help bolster Israel's international standing, which suffered a severe blow in the aftermath of Operation Protective Edge.
However, after examining the request and mission details, the Defense Ministry decided against Israel's participation, saying there was no feasible way to provide for the safety of the Israeli doctors and medical crews, which could then return to Israel and further spread the virus.

Despite the decision – or maybe because of it – the foreign minister decided to up the level of Israeli aid to the Ebola effort. 
That's just fine with me. If they want our help, they could learn to be nicer to us (just sayin'...).

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At 4:58 PM, Blogger Frances said...

Sounds like plain good sense to me...


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