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Thursday, August 22, 2013

France calls for armed intervention if chem weapons used in Syria

France is calling for armed intervention if chemical weapons were used in Syria.
"There would have to be reaction with force in Syria from the international community, but there is no question of sending troops on the ground," Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on French television network BFM.
He added that if the UN Security Council could not make a decision, one would have to be taken "in other ways." He did not elaborate.
On Wednesday, Russia and China blocked a Security Council investigation into the likely chemical weapons attack that took place in Syria on Wednesday morning.

But if the West is not willing to put troops on the ground in Syria (and no, I'm not advocating that, I think it's too late), how does France believe that the West can stop these attacks?
The UN Security Council released a brief statement on Wednesday evening, stopping short of calling for an investigation into Wednesday morning's allegations of a massive chemical weapons attack in the suburbs of Damascus that reportedly killed more than a thousand people.
After two hours of closed consultations with the Security Council, UN Deputy Secretary General Jan Eliasson briefly relayed once again how "deeply disturbed" and "shocked" Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was about the alleged attack. Eliasson also emphasized the reports have not been confirmed, but said the UN will "investigate this as soon as possible." 
"This represents, no matter what the conclusions are, a serious escalation with grave human consequences," Eliasson said.
UN diplomats said Russia and China opposed language containing an explicit call for a UN probe. An earlier Western-drafted statement, seen by Reuters, would have asked the United Nations to "urgently take the steps necessary for today's attack to be investigated by the UN mission."
That proposed statement was diluted to accommodate Russian and Chinese objections, council diplomats told Reuters.
 It's just Muslims killing Muslims. Why did you ever think the UN would care?

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