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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Gee... wearing an anti-Israel shirt in the middle of an AIPAC convention could cost you a tip

The note above was left on a table at a Washington restaurant called Busboys and Poets. The waitress in question wore a t-shirt that said "occupation isn't pretty." The shirt was sold by the radicals at Code Pink. As one of the commenters at that link said, "Not exactly a "pro-peace" shirt. I'd probably can an employee who wore something like that in front of customers."

I wouldn't leave a tip either. (The diners in question apparently left a smaller tip than they would have otherwise). 


 Here are front and back shots of the shirt (Hat Tip: My Right Word).

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At 3:54 PM, Blogger Inmemoryof Yossi said...

I would have left no tip as well.
I belong to a page on facebook for selling sewing items. Yesterday a members picture was on the top, showing who else is in the group. One picture caught my eye. The profile picture said, I Love Allah. Under that it said Allah akbar.
I blocked her. I didn't want to take the chance she would respond. I choose not to deal with anyone who proudly proclaims that.

At 7:10 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

The enterprises, e.g., greenhouses, etc. that Israelis run in Judea and Samaria employ a large number of Palestinians. Is that the case with Ahava? We went there the day we climbed Masada and slathered on Dead Sea mud (while we clustered around a radio, with our tour guide translating the increasing WARCRIME rockets from Hezbollah onto Israeli civilians of Leb II). I love their lotion.


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