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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

When Hamas doesn't want rockets

When would Hamas turn down a chance to get its hands on long-range rockets from Libya? When they've been tagged with Israeli tracking devices.
The Egyptian paper Al-Youm A-Sabi reported on Monday that Hamas has rejected 28 long-range missiles smuggled from Libya to Gaza through the Sinai peninsula during the past few days, after Hamas operatives discovered that Israel had tagged them with tracking devices somewhere en route from Libya.
The existence of the tracking devices would allow Israel to identify and target the Hamas rocket depots in Gaza from the air at some point in future.
The Sinai desert has been flooded with weapons from Libya since the fall of the Gaddafi regime in October 2011. Last June, for example, the Egyptian army confiscated a huge weapons shipment, which included 138 deadly Grad missiles, and was en route to Gaza.
An anti-aircraft missile fired from Gaza at an Israeli helicopter (in Israeli airspace) last year also came from Libya, according to Israeli security officials.
I wonder how many rockets they already have with Israeli tracking devices they missed. Maybe they should get rid of all their rockets...


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