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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Assad's end near? Iran removing key intelligence assets

In a sign that the end of Bashar al-Assad's rule over Syria may be near, Iran is removing intelligence documents from the country, according to Syrian opposition sources.
Fearing the fall of Syrian President Bashar Assad, and that the information could be seized and used against it in international forums or serve as a justification for a future attack on Tehran, the Iranian leadership decided to transfer the documents to Tehran, according to the paper.

The decision comes after Iranian Supreme National Security Council head Saeed Jalili visited Syria last week, and also follows reports that Russia had removed its own classified documents from its base in Tartus.

Sources also said that Assad had rejected a previous request by Jalili to move the intelligence since it could signal the instability of the regime, but that Assad had relented after increased Iranian pressure.

However, given that the report originates from the opposition, some say its validity should be confirmed in light of the opposition agenda to make Assad look like he is about to fall and strengthen their side.

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