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Sunday, January 27, 2013

IDF deploys two Iron Dome batteries in North, one in Haifa

Although they're brushing it off as routine, the IDF has deployed two of its five Iron Dome batteries in Northern Israel, one of them around Haifa.
The IDF deployed two Iron Dome missile defense batteries in the North on Sunday, amid an escalation in the Syrian civil war and concerns over Syria's sizable chemical weapons arsenal falling into radical Islamic hands.
An army spokesman confirmed that the batteries had been deployed to the North, including one of them in the Haifa area but claimed the move was "routine."
Syrian President Bashar Assad is in possession of large quantities of deadly Sarin and mustard gas compounds, as well as VX nerve agents. Some of the compounds can be affixed to Scud missiles as chemical warheads. The chemicals can also be placed in specialized artillery shells, or dropped from the
There are two issues here that will make this a much worse situation than was the case during Operation Pillar of Defense in the event that chemical weapons start flying across the border from Syria or Lebanon. First, even if Iron Dome hits a chemically armed missile, there might be fallout. Second, if Iron Dome misses a chemically armed missile, God forbid, the consequences would be much worse than if it missed an ordinary missile.

That's why my guess is that if a chemically armed missile comes over the border at us, you will see the end of the country from whose territory it was launched.

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