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Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Sunday Times of London marks Holocaust Memorial Day with a despicable anti-Semitic cartoon

Sunday, January 27, today, is the United Nations' annual Holocaust Memorial Day, which is observed throughout the world, and especially in Europe.

The cartoon at the top left of this post was deemed appropriate for the day and was published by the Sunday Times of London (which once upon a time was one of London's less anti-Semitic papers, alongside the Telegraph) in honor of the occasion. That's Prime Minister Netanyahu sitting on top of the wall. At the bottom of the wall, it says 'Israeli elections.' And all the way at the bottom it asks 'Will cementing peace continue?" This is Raheem Kassam at the Commentator.
Last week, it was Member of Parliament David Ward MP, the case of whom highlights an ever growing contingent of anti-Israel sentiment within the British government. These are the fools who would have you believe that Israel’s security barrier is 100 percent concrete, 100 feet tall, and built from the blood of Palestinians.
And who could possibly blame them for having this ill-informed idea, when their fellow MPs invite them to one-sided trips to the West Bank while at the same time referring to Hamas and Hezbollah as ‘friends’ (more on this tomorrow).
But more to the point, who can blame them when some of the country’s smartest media outlets present Israel and its leaders in this particular light: the large-nosed Jew, hunched over a wall, building with the blood of Palestinians as they writhe in pain within it.
For this is exactly what the Sunday Times has today done; not simply treading the fine line between criticism and blood libel, but indeed spitting all over it, leaving it for dust, and careering head first into anti-Semitismsville.
“Will cementing peace continue?” reads the caption beneath the image of a Quasimodo-like Netanyahu. As if this half-hearted attempt at a pun would help masquerade the overt racism within the image. No.
In conversation with a friend of mine recently, I was asked, “Do you think in 200 years time, people will have forgotten the Holocaust, or believe that it was a myth?” I naively responded, “No. I believe there are enough good people in the world to ensure that doesn’t happen.” At the time, I would never have thought the editors of the Sunday Times were in amongst those who would seek, in true Der Sturmer fashion, to use Holocaust Memorial Day to publish a blood libel, and knowingly undermine the memory of one of the worst genocides ever.
I guess I was wrong on that count. I sure hope I’m not wrong on the other.
Is anyone really surprised? Britain did more than any other country in the world to prevent the establishment of the Jewish state. It did more than any other country outside of Germany to perpetrate the Holocaust by preventing Jews from emigrating to the Jewish homeland. The only thing that's changed in the last 65 years is that Islam has come to Britain where it's been welcomed by the multicultural chattering classes who find it exotic.... 

Look for Britain to go the way of Somalia in the not-too-distant future. I only hope its Jews wake up and leave in time. 

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At 5:22 PM, Blogger Shy Guy said...

Bli neder, I will raise a glass of award-winning Israeli wine on the day when Islam swallows up the UK whole. Inshallah!

At 7:50 PM, Blogger BH in Iowa said...

Europe returning to its natural state.


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