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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Israel's 'Center-Left' starts to eat itself alive

The only cloud on this horizon is that someone in the Likud was actually foolish enough to comment on it.

Israel's 'Center-Left' has started to eat itself alive
“Livni will not stay,” Lapid said at a cultural event in Rishon Lezion on Saturday. “Her plan to present an alternative collapsed and disintegrated into dust. She won’t stay in the Knesset at the helm of an opposition faction of eight seats as deputy chairwoman of the State Control Committee.
Instead she will do what she did before: Go home.”
Senior Likud officials made the same prediction last week after Netanyahu ruled out giving Livni a portfolio that would enable her to negotiate with the Palestinians. They said they believed it would be easier to bring Livni’s party into the coalition after she quit politics.


But Kadima officials said Livni had already proven that she does not accept the rules of democracy when she quit politics following her loss in the Kadima leadership race last March.
“She refused during that race to say she would stay in Kadima if she lost,” a Kadima official said. “Now she must tell the public what she will do when she loses the general election, rather than send people to make commitments in her name that she will not honor.”
And the egomaniac who heads the 'Tzipi Livni party' (we were all joking at the Sabbath table what a stupid name that is) responds.
Former foreign minister Tzipi Livni’s responded to her opponents across the political spectrum on Sunday after rivals said she would not stay if her Tzipi Livni Party fails to obtain at least double-digit support in the January 22 general election.
Asked on Army Radio Sunday morning whether she would leave politics if she fared poorly, Livni said those who say otherwise were scared by her political comeback.
"I returned with a deep understanding that I may have to pay a personal price of starting from a different [lower] level but I have to keep struggling," she said. "I came back to fight and I will do it from any place, from the Knesset or the cabinet."
For those of you who are religious, let's hope that she drops out of politics.  Out of all the Israeli politicians I've heard speak, Livni is the only one who compares with Meretz in her hostility toward religious Jews.

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