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Saturday, December 29, 2012

PLO accuses US of 'forcing' Arab foreign ministers not to visit

The Secretary General of the Arab League Nabil Elaraby, and Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Amr visited 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen in the Mukhata in Ramallah on Saturday. But the big news is who wasn't there. Four other Arab foreign ministers allegedly canceled their trips at the last minute, and the PLO is claiming that it was due to pressure by the United States.
PLO executive member Wasel Abu Yusef told reporters that the US Administration was behind the cancellation of the four Arab ministers' visit to the West Bank.
"The Americans prevented the Arab foreign ministers from visiting Ramallah," Abu Yusef charged.
Some of the ministers who called off their visit claimed that they did not want to pass through IDF checkpoints on their way to Ramallah.
But Elaraby and the Egyptian foreign minister arrived in Ramallah aboard a Jordanian helicopter, which landed in the Mukata presidential compound.
Abu Yusef and other Palestinian officials also accused the US of exerting pressure on the Arab countries not to provide the Palestinians with financial aid.
"The US and Israel are imposing an economic blockade on the Palestinian State and are preventing the Arab countries and Western donors from providing Palestinians with financial aid," he added.
"Unfortunately, these countries have succumbed to the pressure, further intensifying the financial crisis in the Palestinian Authority."
If only this were true.... Can you see Hussein Obama doing anything to punish the poor 'Palestinians'?

Meanwhile, at the meeting,  Abu Mazen complained that the Arab League has not been putting up its $100 million per month to pay the terrorists' salaries. Someone ought to tell him to stop schnorring and go develop an economy.

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