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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why do they so want to stay?

On Friday, I reported on the expulsion from Jerusalem of three Hamas legislators and a former Hamas minister. Now, a deal is in the works to allow the four to stay if they renounce their membership in Hamas. Huh?
Israel has agreed to reconsider its decision to deport four Hamas representatives from Jerusalem if they declare that they do not represent the radical Islamist movement and cut off their ties with it, an Israeli security official told The Jerusalem Post on Monday.

The four men are legislators Mahmoud Abu Tir [pictured. CiJ], Ahmed Attoun, Mohammed Totah and former minister Khaled Abu Arafeh.

They have reportedly accepted the Israeli condition and are now said to be willing to make a public statement in this regard so that they could stay in Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem police had confiscated the Israeli-issued ID cards of the four men after the Ministry of Interior revoked their status as permanent residents of the city, paving the way for their expulsion.

The official explained that the decision to reconsider the deportations was largely designed to "boost" the standing of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and undermine Hamas.

"The Hamas officials have apparently chosen to stay in Jerusalem with their families and enjoy all privileges as residents of Israel," the security official told the Post. "Their readiness to distance themselves from Hamas is an important step that could lead to the cancellation of the deportations."

He added that the decision to deport the four men would be canceled once they sign a written statement disowning Hamas.

"We want an unambiguous statement that leaves no room for double-talk," he said. "We want to send a message to the Palestinians that if they renounce Hamas and terrorism they stand to benefit."

One of the legislators, Abu Tir, who was recently released from Israeli prison after serving a 50-month-sentence, was instructed by the Jerusalem police to leave the city by last Friday midnight.
Stupid Jews. Does anyone really believe they're going to stop associating with Hamas?


At 8:00 PM, Blogger What is "Occupation" said...

Execute them.

But since we are so stupid as to not do that...

Start reporting about all the intel they have given Israel.

Let their own people kill them

At 9:32 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Carl - how does strengthening Hamas "boost" Abu Bluff?

Stupid Jews!


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