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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Israeli medical center evacuated when Syrian rebel shows up with grenade

For months now, Israel has been taking Syrian casualties - mostly rebels - from the battlefields on the Golan Heights and treating them in Israeli hospitals. On Thursday, one such casualty brought a little surprise along to Ziv Hospital in Safed: An unexploded grenade.
Doctors at Safed’s Ziv medical center were greeted with an eerie surprise Thursday while treating two Syrian rebel fighters, after it was discovered that one of the rebels had an unexploded grenade in his pocket.
According to reports, the emergency room was briefly evacuated and sappers were called in to remove the explosive device.
The men had been transferred to the hospital earlier in the day with serious injuries and were expected to undergo surgery. One of the injured was suffering from gunshot wounds in the chest, the other with a gunshot wound in the abdomen.
Remember Wafa al-Biss? It could happen again. Maybe we should stop treating them in our hospitals.

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