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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Lebanon doesn't want 'Palestinian' settlers

The Lebanese are starting to whine that the 'Palestinians' who have been held hostage in Syria for the past 65 years are now escaping, and many of them are coming to Lebanon. Because many parties in Lebanon support Assad (hello Hezbullah), Lebanon has not restricted the number of 'Palestinians' who may enter, unlike Jordan and Turkey. Lebanon is now afraid that it will be 'stuck' with their 'Palestinian' cousins. Worse still, Lebanon is afraid that their 'Palestinian' cousins will attempt to set up a state within a state... just like Hezbullah has done.
Turkey, a country much bigger and more economically powerful than Lebanon, has obliged the International Community to face its responsibilities. Jordan did the same because it is not financially capable of supporting the non-stop flow of refugees. Lebanon is the only country that is unable to take a firm stance on the matter citing humanitarian considerations. The Lebanese government, which contains parties that support the Assad regime, is not expected to make such a daring decision as limiting the number of refugees flocking from Syria, particularly Palestinians because once they create their own security islands inside refugee camps, authorities are never capable of tracking them down. The number of Palestinian refugees will, therefore, increase and we will find ourselves dealing with a new reality, new settlers, and a new burden that will summon up the memory of the Palestinian nightmare of the 1970s.

The allies of the Syrian regime in Lebanon need to start realizing that the Lebanese people take precedent and that they should be given priority in benefiting from the country’s already-diminishing resources… until the “discovery” of oil. 
It's high time that the Arab countries be required to face up to the lie that the 'Palestinians' are a separate nation from the rest of the Arab world. We should be pointing out that these are their cousins (and in many cases parts of the same clans) at every opportunity.  

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At 11:50 AM, Blogger HaDaR said...

Why would they want Saudis and Egyptians?
Only Israel allows them to be on HER territory.


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