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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Look out for Islamic Rage Boy: Charlie Hebdo doing 'Life of Mohammed' series

We're going to start seeing Islamic Rage Boy again soon. French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo is doing a series on the life of Mohammed (first cover pictured - Hat Tip: MFS - The Other News). This is from a Google translation.
Who owns Muhammad? At all. He is the prophet of Muslims, of course, but for others it is a historical figure or a caption. Can caricature drawing Muhammad as Jesus or Napoleon Zorro.
When Muhammad cartoon in Charlie, we caricature above is the idea that makes the extremists, or are used to oppose Muhammad Muslim radicals. In all cases, it is the vision of God's fools that determines the way we think Muhammad. We must tell the truth you do not know Muhammad. In the West, everybody can quote episodes from the life of Jesus, but include an episode from the life of Muhammad? Is this normal in a country like France, where Islam is presented as a second religion?  
We imaged the life of Muhammad as the chroniclers have told Muslims. No humor added. If the form will appear blasphemous to some, the bottom is perfectly halal ...
So can we expect attacks on French diplomatic installations/ Or is that treatment reserved for the US these days?

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