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Monday, August 29, 2011

Rick Perry's Islamic education

Pam Geller has a lengthy post in which she deconstructs a Muslim curriculum that Rick Perry introduced as Texas governor. Pam thoroughly researched the post, and rather than expose how little I know about Perry's ties with Muslims in Texas, I suggest that you read the whole thing.

Pam's post led to a food fight in the conservative blogosphere between Pam and Ace of Spades. As an introvert when in a crowd, I can sympathize with Ace's description of his shyness, but I can't sympathize with this assessment of Islamic Jew hatred, which he dismisses as reading like Pam's blog:
(WILTSE’S ENTIRE SEGMENT ON ISRAEL): The conflict continues because the West, and the United States specifically, support Israel (an outpost of Western Civilization surrounded by Islamic Civilization), which Muslims generally dislike or hate.

Islamic enmity toward Israel is complicated, but hatred of Jews and Israel can be traced at least to the success of Nazi anti-Jewish propaganda starting in 1933.
1933? You've got to be kidding. Pam's right that the Jew-hatred is written into the Koran. In fact, ten days ago, we observed the 82nd anniversary (that would be 1929) of the Hebron massacre. Does this sound like someone who only started hating Jews in 1933? And by the way, the conflict doesn't continue because the West (and specifically the United States) supports Israel. The conflict continues because the Arabs continue in their desire to destroy the Jewish state and to murder all Jews (whether in Israel or elsewhere). Come on Ace - you're smarter than that.

Pam's charges should be answered by the Perry campaign - not by Ace - because if what Pam has described is what Perry believes, I'd rather find someone else to support (no, I haven't declared support for any candidate in the Republican primaries yet).

Finally, I agree with Stacy McCain that fights among ourselves are unproductive (Hat Tip: Lisa Graas who has more comments on the same issue).

And I've never met any of these people in the flesh.


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At 6:45 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Fights among ourselves are unproductive IF people who have been in the "in" group of the GOP are going to address the issues that are raised by addressing the issue, not sliming the person who raises it. There are a slew of legitimate issues that the GOP needs to discuss and refine... the reason the GOP has sunk over the last years (until the 2010 election) is that these issues need to be hashed out. Really, the people who have jumped on Pamela and Robert Spencer for posting real stuff (they didn't make it up and there seems to be an effort by someone to send the info down the internet memory hole as we speak) are doing the marxist caliphate trick of ignoring the issue and sliming, if not threatening, the scribe... so Rick Perry needs to address the points raised with no reference to the person raising them, only with his reasoning, etc.

At 9:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...traced at LEAST to 1933..."

the operative word there is "least", which does not preclude events prior to this... as a moron, i'm with Ace on this, and i wonder what Pam's goal is in stirring up a non-issue that tars the person who is currently the best conservative candidate in the race.


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