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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Israeli Left's great dark hope

Former Shas leader and convicted felon Aryeh Deri announced on Wednesday that he is planning to return to politics. But not with Shas.
Speaking at a panel at the three-day Presidential Conference in Jerusalem, Deri said he plans to run with a party that won't be religious, but at the same time he would like to run with a party that includes Sephardics because "we were discriminated against."

"This time I want to use my experience to build unity," he said, adding that he learned from his experience in politics that "you have to think things through and not jump into thing."

The former Shas leader said he will not lead the religious party again.

He also rejected the possibility of becoming prime minister, stating that he wasn't built for it and doesn't have "delusions of grandeur."

Speaking on why he wants to return to politics, Deri said "[Former prime minister Yitzhak] Rabin told me in 1992 that there can't be peace without peace amongst our own people. I am going into politics because I want to unite the people together and not divide them."

He added, "I am pro-peace negotiations. Things have changed since I was in the government. I am concerned we will be hit by rockets if we withdraw [from the West Bank] again. There is a question of what risks we should take when responsibility will be on my shoulders."
In case you're wondering, Shas doesn't believe Deri will run as the head of a non-religious party, nor that he will run without permission of his mentor, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who is also Shas' mentor. We will see whether that permission is given. Meanwhile, Kadima is hoping that Deri will siphon off votes from the Right and bring them to the Left.

Deri has been out of politics for several years now due to a bribery conviction.

Oh - and then he came up with this, which simply made my jaw drop when I saw it on Twitter:
Deri also commented on Israel's relations with Syria, emphasizing that "We missed our on a chance for peace with Syria in 1993. It is wrong to think the price would be any different any other time in the next 50 years."
Yeah, right.... There isn't going to be peace with Syria. Certainly not with the Assad's regardless of what Israel is willing to pay.

Deri should go back to yeshiva. He belongs there.

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No shame.


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