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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Can a pancake roll over in its grave?

After last week's IDF 'action' in Gaza, it's clean-up time, and The Monkey Tennis Centre (yes, he spells "centre" wrong) reports that the Gazans are using a clean-up instrument to which you might have thought they had an aversion: Caterpillar bulldozers.
The BBC video is here (if that doesn't work the page is here – click the 'Watch' button below the photo). The Caterpillar appears briefly at 50 seconds, but there's no commentary. There's another version, with commentary, here (the page is here). It's edited differently, and the Caterpillar appears at 46 seconds. The branding is clearly visible in both clips.

It's what's known as a 'backhoe loader', rather than the notorious, almost larger-than-life D9, but a Caterpillar it most certainly is. This must be what they call the 'circle of earthmoving': Caterpillars knock the buildings down, Caterpillars come along and clear up the mess, and so it continues…

You've got to hand it to Caterpillar’s Mid-East sales rep. Talk about playing both sides – the guy has to be in line for 'salesman of the year' and a weekend in Vegas.
Can a pancake roll over in its grave?

Read the whole thing.


At 9:54 PM, Blogger Harry said...

Does anyone have the e-mail address for the Presbeterian HQ in the US?
It would be "very interesting" to send this posting to them.
y the way, does anyone have any idea if they realize the the Intel CPU's in theeir computers are designed and made in Israel, along with some components of the Microsoft operating system?
Would they all change over to AMD CPU's and Linnex after throwing their machines out the window???

At 1:32 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Here is a list of contact information for the Presbyterian Church (USA)
Keep us posted on what you hear back


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