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Monday, July 10, 2006

'Palestinians' fire rocket from Jenin in Northern Samaria

In what could be a new and dangerous escalation, the 'Palestinian' Ma'an News Agency is reporting that a Palestinian faction launched a home-made projectile from Jenin at Kibbutz Ram On on the Green Line about half an hour ago. Jenin is at the northern edge of Samaria and is close to the larger Jewish city of Afula.

Arutz Sheva confirms the launch, but says that the rocket landed in a 'Palestinian Authority autonomous area.'

Arutz Sheva notes that the incident is in line with military intelligence warnings that terrorists in Samaria are working to launch missile attacks against Jewish communities.

Update 10:40 PM

DEBKAfile adds:

This was the second Palestinian attempt to shoot a missile fom the West Bank across the Green Line.

Friday night, July 7, Palestinians terrorists set up launchers in Wadi Shaam north of Tulkarm and aimed two missiles at Moshav Zemer east of Hadera. One exploded on the launcher, bringing Palestinian Preventive Security forces to the scene. The missile team fled leaving a second missile primed. It was stamped “Property of Majad Brigades, the name of the Hamas intelligence branch.

Israeli intelligence investigated and discovered the two missiles were assembled locally in the West Bank town of Tulkarm.


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