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Thursday, November 20, 2014

The aftermath of Tuesday's massacre at Kehillat Bnei Torah

There's more on Tuesday's terror attack and its aftermath from The Blaze's Sharona Schwartz here.

I spoke with Sharona at some length by phone last night from Boston (that's the call I had to take when I finished my post) and I'm quoted rather extensively, so I'll let you all go read it.

But it didn't only hit close to home because of Moshe (and I knew him as Moshe and not as Rav or Rabbi Moshe) HY"D. Mrs. Carl and I and the five oldest kids lived in Har Nof for two years and we prayed regularly in that synagogue (where I caught up with Moshe after several years apart). One of the other people who was killed had a blessing under my daughter's wedding canopy (he was close with my son-in-law). One of the people who is seriously wounded was someone I remember well, and every picture I have seen looks familiar.....

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