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Sunday, September 28, 2014

'Palestinian' infiltrator arrested near Gaza fence

An armed 'Palestinian' infiltrator was arrested this afternoon near the Gaza border fence.
Earlier in the afternoon, a security alert had been issued in the area when signs of an infiltration from Gaza were recognized at the border fence. A large number of forces were deployed to search the area, leading to the eventual arrest of the Palestinian youth who was armed with a knife.

The security officer of Shokeda, a community in the Sdot Negev Regional Council, carried out the arrest. An initial investigation into the incident determined that the Palestinian youth infiltrated from Gaza near Nahal Oz and from there made his way toward Shokeda, just a short distance from the Gaza border fence.

The security officer and an Israel Lands Authority employee noticed the suspect east of Shokeda after they had been alerted of the possible security breach. The suspect surrendered, dropping to his knees and raising his hands in submission after realizing he had been identified.

The security forces that had been combing the area were called to the scene, whereupon the suspect was searched and the knife, as well as another sharp weapon, were discovered.
But there's a 'cease fire,' isn't there?

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At 8:20 PM, Blogger John said...

Third from the left is the Rav Shatz of Shoqeda, Yaniev Yifrach...sit's two seats behind me at Beit Knesset


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