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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Abu Mazen's success

With the end of the holiday and the Sabbath here in Israel, it's become clear that 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen's United Nations General Assembly speech was quite a success... but not quite for the reasons he wanted. Abu Mazen has managed to unite Israeli politicians across the board in blasting him for his hatred.
"Mahmoud Abbas has again proved his only expertise is spreading lies and incitement against Israel," Communications Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) slammed Saturday night. "He has denied the Holocaust in the past and now, in this surreal speech at the UN, he has accused us of 'genocide.'"
"This is not how a 'peace partner' talks, and certainly not anyone who wants for 'reconciliation between peoples," Erdan continued. "Now it is clear why he insists on partnering with the Hamas terrorist organization, with whom he shares the 'struggle against Israel' and will promote our delegitimization through false propaganda." 
"Mahmoud Abbas always finds a soft spot for murderers, rocket launchers, and our enemies in general," Jewish Home Chairman and Economics Minister Naftali Bennett added. "We saw missiles launched at Ben Gurion Airport two months ago, and it's good to know these launchers are members of Mahmoud Abbas's 'Palestinian state.'"
"Now Israel must find new and creative ways to allow us to just survive here," Bennett fumed. "A Palestinian state west of the Jordan River is not one of them." 
Even the extreme left took issue with Abbas's speech. 
"While Israel has acted harshly in Gaza and made ​​things difficult [for the Palestinians], you cannot call it 'genocide," Meretz Chairman Zahava Gal-On stated Saturday. Gal-On - who did not explicitly condemn Abbas - did add, however, that Abbas's words were "serious and grave."  [But see below. CiJ]
"These are false and outrageous statements," MK Eitan Cabel (Labor), added. "It would have been better if they had not spoken, and these words are worthy of condemnation from all who truly love peace."
Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon had some more biting remarks.
"Through his speech at the UN, Mahmoud Abbas proves for the umpteenth time: this is not a leader who wants peace and the advancement of his people's lives, but a person who distributes lies, incitement, and hate speech against Israel," Ya'alon stated Saturday. "Mahmoud Abbas is not a man of peace, and is not really interested in an agreement with Israel, which means recognition of the Jewish national homeland." 
"Time after time, Mahmoud Abbas goes on to deceive the international community, to throw at Israel false and racist accusations out of the hope that threats, pressure, and lies will scare us and make us acquiesce [to his demands]," Ya'alon continued.
Ya'alon implied that Abbas's speech was particularly grave, and may have jettisoned future plans to renew peace talks. 
"He has no partner for a political agreement - which is essential to end the conflict - and we will therefore not compromise the security of Israeli citizens," Ya'alon said, referencing plans to make a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria. "In every situation, we are responsible for our own destiny and our own security, and we will be in the future." 
Ya'alon concluded by blasting Abbas for "not really coming to terms with our own existence" and added that the claims "are detached from reality."
Prime Minister Netanyahu is on his way to the United States to counter Abu Mazen's (and Iranian President Hassan Rohani's) 'slander and lies.'

But despite the quotation above, Meretz leader Zehava Gal-On actually backed Abu Mazen.
“Meretz supports Abbas’s international efforts to bring the end of the occupation and to get international recognition as a [Palestinian] state and member of the UN before and as a corridor to reaching peace in bilateral negotiations between equals,” the party leader said.

The speech reflected Abbas’s total distrust of Netanyahu as a partner for peace, Gal-On said.

According to Gal-On, “Netanyahu refused to negotiate for five years and the talks under American sponsorship led nowhere and wild construction continued in the settlements. Now Netanyahu wants to continue ‘managing the conflict’ instead of solving it,” she lamented.
Gal-On proves the prophet Isaiah right once again. Isaiah warned that those who would destroy us would spring forth from among us. What could go wrong?

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