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Sunday, September 28, 2014

A reminder of the difference between the 'Palestinians' and Israel

Isn't it a pity that the New York Post chose to depict this mass adulation of terrorists as showing the difference between Israel and Hamas... as if Abu Bluff's 'Palestinian Authority' doesn't also regard the two terrorist murderers who were buried last week as 'martyrs.'
As The Jerusalem Post reports, thousands of mourners marched Tuesday in honor of two men who were the lead suspects in the murder of three Israeli teens.
The two dead men, Marwan Kawasme and Amar Abu Aysha, were both affiliated with Hamas, and were killed during a gun battle with Israeli troops. Mourners waved Hamas and Palestinian flags as they carried the two bodies through Hebron.
We’re talking about two men whose victims were not soldiers but three Israeli students.
Now compare this to the Israeli response to the horrific, retaliatory killing of 16-year-old Palestinian Mohammed Abu Khudair. Israeli authorities pulled all stops to hunt down and arrest those suspected in the killing.
Three Israelis have now been indicted for the killing of this innocent Arab boy. Two of these suspects also face charges of trying to commit other crimes against Arabs.
Israel is not perfect. But in the clash between the Jewish state and its enemies, it helps to remember that one side uses all its might to bring to justice those who target innocent life — while the other too often celebrates this deadly work so long as the target is a Jew.
Yes, but that 'clash' is not just between Israel and Hamas. It's between Israel and the 'Palestinians.'

Hamas and the 'Palestinian Authority' (Fatah) only differ on tactics. They don't differ on goals. Nearly all 'Palestinians' regard those two terrorists as heroes. It's time to stop pretending that it's 'only' Hamas that hates us.

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