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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

And it's not even Friday... UPDATED

I wonder why this is happening on a Wednesday....



It was an ambush.
The rioters fired at police at the Mughrabi Gate, which is the only point of access for Jewish visitors to the site currently under the de facto rule of the Jordanian Waqf (Islamic trust).
Yassam police special forces and Border Patrol officers pushed their way onto the Temple Mount and pressed back the rioters.
Upon arriving on the holy site, police forces came face to face with dozens of rioters who had prepared obstacles on the Mount, from which they threw rocks and bricks at the officers while continuing to launch fireworks at them.
After an extended struggle the police were able to gain control over the rioters and return order to the site. A number of officers were lightly wounded by the salvo of rocks and fireworks, and were provided medical treatment at the scene.
Despite the attack, entry remained open for Jewish visitors, with police saying "we will continue to act against the rioters and show zero tolerance for any attempt to disrupt the order."
It's about time that the police took the attitude in the last paragraph. But unfortunately, there was only one arrest and it was - you guessed it - a Jew.
The Jew prostrated himself in prayer at the holiest site in Judaism, an act that the Muslim Waqf guards have pressed Israeli police into forbidding despite the fact that Israeli law guarantees the right of religious worship.
No other country would discriminate against its own citizens like that. It's disgraceful. 

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