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Friday, August 01, 2014

Lunatic Navi Pillay condemns Israel and US for not sharing Iron Dome with Hamas

Navi Pillay, the chairwoman of the United Nations 'human rights council,' President Hussein Obama's favorite international body, has condemned has condemned the United States and Israel for not sharing Iron Dome with Hamas!
Among the UN’s long bill of particulars against the beleaguered Jewish state comes the almost unbelievable accusation that Israel’s refusal to share its Iron Dome ballistic missile defense shield with the "governing authority" of Gaza – i.e. Hamas, the terror group created to pursue the extermination of the Jewish state and now waging a terrorist war against it – constitutes a war crime against the civilians of Gaza.

The UN chairwoman criticized the U.S. for helping fund Israel's Iron Dome system which has saved countless Israeli and Palestinian lives. "No such protection has been provided to Gazans against the shelling," she said.

Just because Hamas fires rockets indiscriminately aimed at Israeli civilian population centers without provocation and fires them from within its own population centers does not “absolve” Israel from its own legal violations, Pillay told reporters Thursday.
Had Navi Pillay and the 'human rights council' been around in 1945, she would have condemned the United States for not sharing the atomic bomb with Germany and Japan.

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At 4:46 PM, Blogger sig94 said...

Once again we are treated to a UN official whose responsibilities are far, far beyond her intellectual capabilities.


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