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Friday, August 01, 2014

Kidnapped IDF soldier is 23-year old Hadar Goldin of Kfar Sava

The IDF soldier who was kidnapped during John Kerry and Ban Ki-Moon's 'cease fire' is Hadar Goldin of Kfar Sava. The family has asked that everyone please pray for Hadar ben Chedva Leah (הדר בן חדווה לאה).
The IDF released for publication the name of the soldier feared abducted by terrorists in Gaza. The missing soldier has been named as Second Lieutenant (Platoon Leader) Hadar Goldin, 23, from Kfar Saba. Goldin serves in the Givati Brigade.
The IDF Spokesperson's office announced Friday that at about 9:30 am, terrorists opened fire on Israeli forces in southern Gaza, triggering a fierce exchange of fire, and preliminary information indicates that there is a concern that a soldier was kidnapped during the fighting.
Two other soldiers were reportedly killed in the same gunfight.
An investigation is underway and at this time, the IDF maintains a high-level operational and intelligence effort to locate the soldier.
"We are continuing our activities on the ground," IDF Spokesman Peter Lerner stated.  "Our initial indications suggest a soldier has been abducted by terrorists in an incident where terrorists breached the ceasefire."
The soldier's family has been notified.
The 'cease fire' went into effect at 8:00 am this morning. One has to wonder why we ever agreed to it and why we would ever agree to another one.
At least one report, this time from Walla! News, says that a suicide bomber detonated himself directly next to IDF forces before the fighting began, wounding several soldiers. 
Intense clashes ensued; according to Palestinian media sources, thirty people were killed, at least eight terrorists among them - though the number is likely to be higher, as Palestinian sources regularly report terrorist deaths as civilians. Roughly 100 others were wounded, according to reports.
A senior IDF commander stated on condition of anonymity that the condition of the missing soldier is unclear. 
"We don't know whether he was wounded during the attack," he said. 
Meanwhile, Islamic Jihad officials have been told by Egypt that talks for a long-term truce have been postponed.
And even the UN has all but admitted that the 'Palestinians' broke the cease fire.
"Two soldiers were reportedly killed, as well as a number of Palestinians," said a statement from the UN special coordinator for Middle East peace, Robert Serry.
"If corroborated, this would constitute a serious violation of the humanitarian ceasefire... by Gazan militant factions, which should be condemned in the strongest terms," the statement said.
Hamas must be destroyed. 

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