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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Who will make the delivery?

'Moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen has ordered the immediate delivery of emergency food supplies to the besieged 'Palestinian refugee' in Yarmouk, Syria (Hat Tip: IMRA).
President Mahmoud Abbas ordered Saturday dispatch of immediate food supplies to Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria due to the difficult situation the camp is going through.

Abbas ordered Palestine’s ambassador to Syria and other official parties to immediately act to facilitate entry of these supplies.
The president’s decision came following reports that five Palestinian refugees have died of hunger in the besieged camp.
Yarmouk has been under siege by the Syrian army for several months. No one has been allowed in or out of the camp since then, including the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, UNRWA, which is responsible for all Palestinian refugee camps in the region.
UNRWA Commissioner General Filippo Grandi said... that the situation has progressively deteriorated since the camp, the largest refugee camp in Syria, was engulfed in the Syria conflict a year ago and that 20,000 Palestinians remain trapped inside it.
“Although very alarming reports of hardship and hunger have continued to multiply, since September 2013 we have been unable to enter the area to deliver desperately needed relief supplies,” he said.
Who does Abu Bluff think is going to deliver these supplies? The IDF?

But worse, Abu Bluff is actually the cause of this situation. Israel offered to allow all of the 'Palestinians' in this 'refugee camp' re-settle in Judea and Samaria, provided that they waive any 'right of return' they might otherwise be entitled to receive. Abu Bluff turned down the offer a year ago without even asking the potential beneficiaries if it was of interest to them.

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