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Sunday, December 29, 2013

London's Saint James Church makes 'replica wall' in Picadilly Circus

Picadilly Circus is one of London's most visible locations. Saint James Church, which is located in the area, has created a 'replica wall' (can you guess which wall) right in the center of the Circus.

Let's go to the videotape (stay with me after the video).

British Oleh (immigrant) Michael Dickson has written an open letter to the church's pastor.
Dear Pastor Winkett and St. James Church staff,
What a mean-spirited, one-sided and divisive stunt you chose to politicise your church with this Christmas.
In an ideal world there would be no walls.
In an ideal world there would also be no suicide bombers – radical Islamist Palestinians who hate the Jews that live close to them so much that they are willing to indiscriminately kill them and others – be it in a shopping centre, disco, pizza restaurant or if they are sitting at their Passover Seder.
Be in no doubt that Israel built a security barrier only after enduring a wave of horrific terrorism that left thousands dead and maimed for life.
Your completely partial representation of the situation negates their loss of life and shows gross insensitivity to their families – and by extension to all Israelis and the Jewish community in the UK, none of whom were untouched by these murders.
Be in no doubt also that the only reason that this vicious terrorism has died down is not because the extremists stopped trying, but because they are prevented to get to their intended victims.
That includes, by the way, me and my children.
We are Brits who moved to Israel. We are only safe because we have security on our buses (an attempted bombing took place last week), our schools and public places.

Ask yourself this: if you lived in Israel and you knew that mere miles away from you there were people who wanted to blow up your family, or slaughter them in their beds as with the Fogel Family massacre – what would YOU do? As peace-loving as you or I may be, if you are honest you would consider that to protect your family, you would want your government to build a wall. And if they didn’t you might want to build one yourself.
I desperately want peace. I need peace, because I live here in Israel.
Therefore I educate my kids to want and pursue peace.
I wish that Palestinian children – who watch anti-Jewish rhetoric daily on Palestinian Authority-controlled TV – will be taught the same. Those children deserve more than the leadership they have and the terrorists and Islamists that are in their midst.
 Read the whole thing.

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At 4:33 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Keep in mind that (all? most of?) the US universities reaping Kudos right now for opposing the ASA BDS boycott vote are hosting displays just like this one on the central student gathering areas for at least a week EVERY school year. I have a screen grab jpeg from one on UCSD's Library Walk that calls for "From the River to the Sea" genocide of Jews. (Note: the current President of this ASA thing is a UCSD professor. And the UCSD "Student Govt" held a middle of the night SECRET BALLOT vote, approving a Boycott BDS Resolution, that had failed year after year, with public representative voting, which you'd think would be the standard for a world class public university's "Student Govt"?

And yet, Israeli universities are thrilled when these universities do deals with them (google UCSD and check out the "partnership" with an Israeli university; I obviously understand **nothing** about how Israel protects your prospects). It really undermines the message when Israel and the Progressive US Jewish communal organizations cheer for these universities for crumbs (and $lu$h in exchange?), after the genocidal headlines circle the globe.

At 8:43 PM, Blogger Barbara2 said...

The sad truth is that many churches have a religion but do not have God. Their self made religion is their god. Thankfully. there are other churches that actually read the Bible, believe it and look to God for direction. These churches know that God's covenant with Israel is eternal and they support your nation. They know you are not perfect because the children of Israel messed up big time from the very beginning but your God is the only god who forgives sin. Your God is also the only One who tells the end from the beginning. We read that you would be called back to the land from the ends of the earth. You are back in the land of Israel. We read that you will be attacked by many nations and will stand alone at the end. Now you have many enemies and fewer friends every day. BUT God's promises still stand!


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