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Monday, December 30, 2013

Oh my: Look who else gives Nazi salute

French soccer player Nicolas Anelka posted the picture above to defend himself from charges of giving the Quenelle modified Nazi salute on a British soccer pitch on Saturday. Recognize anyone (Hat Tip: Sunlight)?
After making the “quenelle” salute, regarded as a neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic gesture, to celebrate scoring a goal in the English Premier League on Saturday, Anelka posted a picture of Obama, rapper Jay Z, and his wife singer Beyonce making a similar gesture.
But of course, Obama couldn't have done THAT, could he?
Obama and the two star performers were in fact posing for a picture doing the well-known “brush off the shoulders” hip-hop move at a NYC fundraiser, which has no connection to the quenelle.
No, of course, they were just brushing off dandruff.

And besides, Anelka has a history of this stuff.
Israel’s Sport 2 TV Channel, which broadcast the game and whose commentator condemned Anelka for the signal, said the soccer player had previously been photographed with Dieudonné making the salute.

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