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Sunday, December 29, 2013

New report shows Israeli government conspiring to maintain Wakf control over Temple Mount

I saw this report last week, and unfortunately thought it was just another report about about how the Muslims are destroying priceless Jewish archaeology on the Temple Mount (see picture above). Sadly, there's more to it than that.

In 2008, Israel's state comptroller produced a report that was highly critical of the State's handling of the Temple Mount. The issues involved included the aforementioned destruction, the prevention of Jewish prayer on the Mount (which as some of you may recall is not something my rabbis permit me to do), and the general control that the Muslim Wakf exercises on the Mount.

From 2008 (during the Olmert government) to 2010 (during the Netanyahu government), the government managed to force the comptroller to cut out two thirds of the report. In 2010, the Netanyahu government convinced a Knesset subcommittee that the report should be buried out of 'national security' and 'foreign policy' concerns.

The report has been buried for three years. Last week, it showed up on a website called The Jewish Voice of New York. Parts of the report have also been translated into English on that site, and they are truly shocking. Moshe Dayan apparently continues to determine Israel's approach to the Temple Mount from his grave.

This is from the first link.
The following report issued by the Israeli government is of a previously classified nature. It reveals the terrifying truth about the Israeli conspiracy to relinquish control of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount to hands of the Muslim Waqf. Each past of this report provides a detailed account of the methods taken by the Waqf to vanquish the inextricable ties that the Jewish people have to Jerusalem. As a place that is of significant holiness to Jews around the globe; the Waqf has strictly forbidden Jews to pray there and they enforce their draconian decrees against Jews with a palpable zeal. The photo that accompany this article graphically depict the massive and well orchestrated Muslim campaign to maintain sole autonomy of the Temple Mount; with the clandestine cooperation of the Israeli government.
I'm embedding the parts that are in English for your convenience.

Here's a second part:

Will we wake up in time?

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