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Friday, December 13, 2013

More snow to hit Jerusalem tonight and tomorrow

We are expected to have another half a meter or more of snow in Jerusalem by tomorrow morning in addition to the half meter we got last night (the estimates are that we got between 30-50 cm in Jerusalem, but we live high up where it's easily 50 cm).
In contrast to the snow that piled up in the capital the Israel Meteorological Service (IMS) said that in the North as of 9 am Friday only a few centimeters of snow had fallen. Overnight, between 50 and 70 millimeters of rainfall drenched the coastal plain and the Shfela region, accompanied by hail and thunderstorms. Flooding and water damage struck the area between Ashkelon and Netanya, the IMS said.
Strong rainfall will continue throughout the day Friday, while the unseasonably low temperatures will maintain the snowy conditions in central mountains above 600 meters, according to the IMS. Tens more centimeters of snow should fall, bringing the snow level potentially up to over 1 meter by Saturday morning.
In the North, snow will also continue to fall in mountains over 600 meters, though accumulating only up to about 10 centimeters by Saturday morning.
Due to the influx of cold air, sleet is expected to begin to cover Mitzpe Ramon by noon and turn into snowfall by the afternoon, the IMS said. In the evening, snow will likely fall over the Negev highlands, stacking to about 1 centimeter.
Heavy rain, accompanied by thunder and hail, will continue to drench the coastal plane, with risk of flooding in the region between Kiryat Gat and Hadera, the IMS said. Toward evening the Ayalon and Yarkon rivers may overflow after reaching full capacity. 
The Jordan Valley, Judean Desert and Negev may also receive floods, and Road 90 will continue to face challenges, the IMS said. 
Rain will continue through Saturday until it begins to weaken and eventually ceases by nighttime, the IMS reported. Snowfall in Jerusalem should turn to sleet by noon and stop by the afternoon. As the skies become clearer, however, the temperatures will remain cold, falling to below zero in many places and causing icy – "black ice" – road conditions, the IMS warned.
It's actually cloudy but not really raining or snowing in Jerusalem right now. Temperatures are in the upper 30's, which is considered quite cold here (the heating in Jerusalem is mostly worthless although we have turned it on anyway). But we're considered central, and our official elevation is 755 meters so it's high enough for more snow.

You can follow our weather here.

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