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Friday, December 13, 2013

Abu Mazen threatens, but he's not the only one unhappy with the 'security arrangements'

'Moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen is threatening that there will be no agreement if Israel maintains a security presence in the Jordan Valley and no 'negotiations' if the terrorists aren't released 'on time.'
Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has said that if Israel insists on maintaining security presence in the Jordan Valley, there will not be a peace agreement.
Abbas made the comments in a television interview which aired on Thursday. The comments were cited by Kol Yisrael radio and were made ahead of a meeting between Abbas and United States Secretary of State John Kerry, who has returned to Israel yet again to try and push talks forward.
Abbas added in the interview that all the Israeli “settlements” are located on “Palestinian land” and must be evicted in order for an agreement to be signed. He added that the PA leadership would agree to extend the current talks by one month, if serious progress is made during the nine-month period that was allocated by the Americans for the talks.
He reiterated that he would not agree to any temporary agreement but would be willing to accept a permanent agreement that is implemented in stages.
Abbas also warned that if the next scheduled release of terrorists being held in Israeli prisons is delayed, he will turn to the United Nations.
Not everyone on the Israeli side is happy with the 'security arrangements' either. Here's Economics Minister Naftali Bennett.
"Recently we’ve been hearing a new tune: an international guarantee will 'safeguard Israel's security'," Bennett stated. "We are told that they found the answer to all of our security problems. We can evacuate Samaria, Judea and the Jordan Valley (they won’t dare speak about the Golan Heights). We can place cameras, lasers, helicopters, and especially - rely on international forces and the security guarantee of our friends."

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