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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dan Rather still can't admit he lied

It's been nine years since Dan Rather got caught in a lie for publishing a report that claimed that George W. Bush went AWOL from the National Guard. Not only can Rather not admit he was wrong, he still disdains the media that caught him.
Rather said good reporting was in decline, and with the "new Internet," "traditional journalism" remains "so susceptible to manipulation, deception, and distraction that it allows lies to get started and then spread like mildew in a damp basement."
Rather and Schultz were criticizing conservative new media outlets like Breitbart News for writing stories about President Barack Obama's nominee for Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's refusal to disclose financial documents in his confirmation hearings.
Rather sorrowfully recounted his glory days, when the American mainstream media "was the gold standard for the world." If a reporter received false information from a source, he claimed, "he found it out because he wore out shoe leather, he made telephone calls, his organization had other reporters who would check it out, and they've exposed the lie."
Rather resigned from CBS News in 2004 when bloggers—not the anchor or his peers—proved he based an election-year report on forged documents which he claimed were evidence that former President George W. Bush went AWOL from National Guard duty in the 1970s.
Rather continued by saying Americans need to be reminded of what he believed was the shoddy journalism of conservative new media outlets because "there is a residue of people who say, listen, it was in the newspaper, it must be true, or it was on television, it must be true."
Who still gets news from CBS anyway?

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