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Saturday, February 23, 2013

No wonder Israel's government thinks our gas is 'cheap'

A survey of 60 countries' gas prices by Bloomberg shows that Israel only ranks 16th in gas prices, which is much lower down the list than I would have expected (Hat Tip: Bad Blue). We're ranked 34th in terms of 'pain at the pump,' because the average daily income in Israel is $90, and it takes 8.5 percent of an average day's wages to buy a gallon of fuel. They give the average price here as $7.67 per gallon. Most of the countries with higher priced gas than us are Europeans, with Turkey having the highest prices.

For those of you in the US, stop complaining. You're ranked 52nd in price and 56th in pain at the pump with an average price of $3.29.

The cheapest gas is Venezuela's at $0.06 per gallon. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are also below $1.00. You wouldn't want to live there, would you?

The full rankings are listed here.



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