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Friday, February 22, 2013

Gazans love anti-Semitic Turkish TV show

Of course. The 'Palestinians' in Gaza love the anti-Semitic Turkish television show Valley of the Wolves.
Children are buying bags, notebooks and pencil cases featuring pictures of the main character, Polat Alemdar (played by Necati Şaşmaz).

A mother from Gaza, Ummu Ahmad, said her son had an obsession with the character, who has been renamed as Murat Alemdar on the Arabic-language broadcast of the show, adding that she had traveled to every stationary store to locate pencil cases featuring Şaşmaz’s visage.

Halid Ashur said many forums were fighting to acquire the latest episodes of the series and broadcast it on their web pages.

The man’s brother, Ahmad Ashur, said many people appreciated the series, believing that it was largely close to reality and that it depicts events that could happen between Iran, Syria and Iraq.

At the same time, people in the strip are also eagerly devouring the latest social media news about the show, while using the platform to call on the show’s main actors to come and visit Gaza.
What could go wrong?

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At 1:42 AM, Blogger Nikephoros said...

Turkey has been very aggressive with trying to export its television series and unfortunately meeting lots of success. Their government is even involved in an attempt to spread Turkish-Islamic propaganda and influence:
Hurriyet: Works continue to give TV series to foreigners for free
"Following a decision taken by from the Culture and Tourism Ministry, Turkish T.V. series’ will start to be aired in a number of countries free of charge. Vice Culture and Tourism Minister Abdurrahman Arıcı has announced that Turkish series’ will be aired abroad with the support of the ministry, in the interest of promoting Turkey in foreign countries.

“With T.V. series’ we can enter every house and spread the influence of Turkish culture,”" ...


"According to an article in daily Radikal, while Turkey’s T.V. exports currently amount to a total of $60 million, and the aim is to increase this amount to $100 million." ...

Unfortunately even in Greece partly due to moral decay, Turkish serials have been very successful. Another big factor is due to the economic crisis Greek TV stations cannot afford to produce many of their own shows. When I have time I will blog about this subject, as alot of Greek articles give details about this Turkish policy not available in English.


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