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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nine Arabs arrested for attack on Haredim

You might recall that last week I posted a video of a group of Arabs attacking two Haredi Jews outside Jerusalem's Old City during the snowstorm. Nine Arabs from 'east' Jerusalem have now been arrested in connection with that attack.
Police arrested nine Arabs from east Jerusalem over the past week in connection with a snowball attack against two haredim during the snowstorm a week and a half ago.


A group of approximately 100 Arabs, mostly teenagers, spent much of the morning hanging out at Damascus Gate and pelting everyone who entered or exited Damascus Gate - Jews, Arabs, and tourists alike - with dozens of snowballs, despite pleas to stop from various parties. But the innocent snowball fight got out of hand when two haredim tried to leave Damascus Gate and were accosted by approximately twenty Arabs, who threw snowballs at them from less than a meter away and tried to steal one of their hats.
A video taken of the incident went viral on Facebook with thousands of people expressing disgust. Police arrested three Arabs last weekend and six Arabs from the Old City on Sunday night, both minors and adults. The Jerusalem Magistrates Court extended the remand of three of the Arabs arrested last week for four days. 
Unfortunately, I doubt they will get more than a slap on the wrist, if that.

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