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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fiamma Nirenstein won't run for reelection, making aliya instead

Italian MP Fiamma Nirenstein isn't running for reelection. She's making aliya to Israel instead.
You mentioned bipartisan relations here, but you really didn’t like a decision in particular that Monti made …“On one side I can express satisfaction with the bipartisan works in the committee on Anti-Semitism and on many other issues; nonetheless I was deeply disappointed by Monti’s indication to vote for the Palestinian non-member observer status at the UN”.
Why do you think he made such a decision?
“In the prospective of a better relationship with the left. He believes, like many others, that the pro-Arab ante might pay off. I am concerned that should a new D’Alema be appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Italy would once again plunge in a backward position, with a distorted view of the issues of the Arab world and Israel”.
Any plans for the next future?
“I want to go back to Israel and take the citizenship. I have good reasons to do so. January 27thwill be Holocaust Remembrance Day; nevertheless, widespread anti-Semitism still persists across the world, Israel is the only really secure homeland for the jews. Plus I also think that Israel is the only country offering nowadays a cultivated and intelligent future, a country where people lead a simpler and more naturallife, in solidarity, finding its strengths in the love of the nation and a deep meaning of life”.
Welcome home Fiamma!

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