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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It took six days, but Obama finally remembered to congratulate Netanyahu

It took six days, but President Obama finally remembered to call Prime Minister Netanyahu on Monday to congratulate him on his reelection.
During the phone call, Obama told Netanyahu he looks forward to working with the new government, and reiterated his commitment to the "deep and enduring bonds" between Israel and the United States.
Obama also pledged to the prime minister to "work closely with Israel" on their "shared agenda for peace and security in the Middle East."
Obama has an amazing knack for leaving a bad taste in your mouth even when he does something 'good.'
The phone call came almost a week after the prime minister won a narrow victory in the election on Tuesday, giving credence to reports that the two leaders had less than cordial relations. 
And former US Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk thinks it's Bibi who has to clean up those relations... even though Bibi was enough of a mentch to call Obama the morning after the US elections. 
Speaking to Army Radio, Indyk called it a "mistake" for Obama not to visit Jerusalem on his pre-election trip to Israel in 2008, and that he erred in not visiting Jerusalem since. It is "very important" that Israelis come to see Obama  as "a man that is deeply committed to Israel's security."
Actually, Obama did visit here in 2008, but he hasn't been there since. I don't expect to see him here anytime soon, because his arrival would bring out thousands of Israelis and they wouldn't be cheering (unless it's a Bronx cheer).
With regard to Obama's state of mind, Indyk said that he believes, "President Obama is feeling quite frustrated because he rightly feels that he has done the right thing by Israel, but Israel is not responsive."    
Indyk suggested that once Netanyahu has formed his new government, he should "reach out to President Obama and try to turn a new page." He added that the "relations between the United States and Israel are more important than the differences between the two leaders." Referring to these tensions, which have been widely reported, Indyk said that the two heads of state "need to overcome them."
What Obama's done for Israel? Is he kidding? Here's a list - a very long list - of things Obama's done for Israel. After reviewing this list, I am sure you will agree with me that even leaving out all the things that Obama has done to Bibi personally, Bibi doesn't owe him the time of day.

P.S. In case you've forgotten what a charming Israel lover Martin Indyk is, go here

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At 2:56 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

What has Obama done for Israel? He has spewed out Green $lu$h by the $Billion and I, for one, would like to know what the effect of that "investment" has been, in Israel and in Mexico.

At 6:05 PM, Blogger Michael W. said...

Was President Obama the first to call Bibi on his "re-election" (I don't think that term is accurate for our political system)?


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