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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

If it worked for the Chuckster, why not for Mohammed?

If Chuck Hagel can say his anti-Semitic comments were taken out of context, and thereby win support for confirmation as US Secretary of State from the Senate, why not Egyptian President Mohammed Morsy?
Presidential spokesman Yasser Ali said Wednesday that Morsi told a US Senate delegation that a distinction must be made between criticism of what he called the “racist” policies of the Israelis against the Palestinians and insults against the Jewish faith.
“The president affirmed that his remarks were regarding the Israeli aggression on Palestinians in Gaza and emphasised that statements must be put into context,” said Ali, adding that Morsi assured the visiting senators “of his respect for monotheistic religions, freedom of belief and the practice of religions.”
US Sen. John McCain, who led the delegation that met with Morsi, said he has expressed strong disapproval over the president’s past comments about Jews, but that he and other congressmen will push for an additional $480 million in assistance to help Egypt’s ailing economy.
“We leave it to the president to make any further comments on this matter that he may wish,” the Arizona Republican said.
One thing that hasn't changed in the last four years: McCain is still a pushover. 

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