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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Be scared, America, very scared

Caroline Glick writes that what most Americans don't get is that the Hagel nomination is not about Israel. It's about disarming America
Hagel -- and Obama -- have bigger fish to fry than Israel. They are looking to take on the US military. They will slash military budgets, they will slash pensions and medical benefits for veterans in order to save a couple dollars and demoralize the military. They will unilaterally disarm the US to the point where America's antiquated nuclear arsenal will become a complete joke. And I don't see the military capable of stopping it. Anyone remember the F-22? 

I find the whole Israel angle on Hagel irritating because of this. Yes, Hagel will be bad to Israel. But we can minimize the damage by diversifying our own arsenal and weaning ourselves off of US military handouts that only serve as work subsidies for US military contractors at the expense of Israeli ones.Moreover, for years that military aid has been a corrupting force on Israel's general staff. I've been advocating ending US military aid to Israel for more than a decade, but better late than wait until we find ourselves at war and out of spare parts because Hagel and Obama won't sign the requisition orders to Boeing and Lockheed.

Unlike Israel, the US military cannot minimize the damage that Hagel and Obama will cause. America's capabilities will suffer at the hands of the duly reelected Commander in Chief and his duly appointed Defense Secretary. The only chance to dodge that bullet was on Election Day and the American people blew it.

By making this a story about Hagel the anti-Semite, nice senators like Lindsey Graham and John McCain are obfuscating the main problem. The main reason Hagel shouldn't be appointed is not because he hates Israel. It is because he hates a strong America. 

But then, that is why Obama appointed him. The American people in their wisdom, reelected Obama despite the fact that he wants to cut America down to size, strangle the economy in regulations and unaffordable welfare handouts and then gut its military. By making Hagel's appointment about Israel all his opponents are doing is giving Hagel and his supporters new excuses for sticking it to Israel. 

It was Obama and his supporters that started the myth that Netanyahu was interfering in the elections, even though he did no such thing. All Netanyahu did was welcome Romney to Israel during the campaign, just as Olmert welcomed then senator Obama to Israel before the 2008 elections. 

Obama, Hagel and their army of media outlets and operatives are setting Israel up to take the blame for everything they do and in the process seeking to demonize Israel's prime minister before the American people. The campaign against Hagel the anti-Semite just plays into that while hiding the real problem which is that he is anti-American.
 Read the whole thing.

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At 8:47 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Think of it this way (thinking past Israel)... The Obama Posse used US jets, etc. to bomb and liberate the Libyan stockpile on behalf of Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, etc.(and have run guns to them) and have armed up the Muslim Bros in Egypt. These allies of Obama's have killed our (U.S.) military kids in (at least) Iraq and Afghanistan, and killed 3,000 of us in NYC in one morning. Now the French (or their mercenaries) are fighting against the Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, etc., around Mali, who were pumped up by Obama. And the US military are on which side? We don't know.

Obama supporters refuse to know about this stuff and, if they accidentally hear about it, they do not give a hoot about any of it, having raised their own kids to not do U.S. military service (or any other type of service). I know a very large coterie of these Obama robots and they are disgusting me.

At 10:38 PM, Blogger steph said...

I am an american citizen.. unfortunately. I totally agree with evrything you are saying here. I see it, and there are a lot of other americans that see it. Problem is, majority of these americans over here do not know because the media covers it all up!! They only believe what they see. If it isn't on the news, then to them, it is fake. They honestly do not believe their own government would do anything to harm them. Unfortunately, they will realize it when it is already too late!

At 7:35 AM, Blogger Inmemoryof Yossi said...

It's already too late.

Between the Constitution being trampled on, gun grabbing that will come, and the horrible FDA which is about to approve Frankenfish (and not labeling GMO goods) .... there is going to be nothing left but a bunch of infertile, allergy ridden, defenseless people.

I don't even know which country to compare us to. North Korea? Cuba? Rwanda?

The only one who can help us I'd G-d.

At 8:17 AM, Blogger 240-447-4351 said...

Once again Caroline Glick nails it! Kol ha kavod.

At 5:50 AM, Blogger shiner said...

actually but out of the USA issues OK bro?iys NONE OF YOUR ISRAELI DECPETIVE JEWS FIRST problem ok? If Obama cuts the military and we spend more $$ ON OURSELVES and at home, HALLELUJAH. we are across the pond anyway. its the jew state that could get bombed though, so good luck


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