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Monday, January 28, 2013

Hezbullah setting up camps near Syrian WMD facilities

Hezbullah terrorists have set up camps near known Syrian facilities storing weapons of mass destruction, so that when and if the Assad government falls, Hezbullah will have the first chance to grab the dangerous weapons.

Hezbollah has set up several bases in Syria, near known locations where Syrian President Bashar Assad is holding parts of his chemical warfare arsenal, Ynet learned Monday.

The information came to light amid growing concerns in Israel that Assad's arsenal of unconventional weapons – considered to be the largest in the world – would fall into the hands of the Lebanon-based Shiite terror group.

As the regime's hold on power slips further, it is becoming apparent that Hezbollah will use the chaos embroiling Syria to transfer advanced weapons system – and most likely unconventional weapons – into Lebanon.

Wary of the developments, Israel deployed two Iron Dome batteries near the northern border on Sunday.
The IDF has also stepped up work on the new border fence in the area, which is equipped with advanced surveillance systems able to provide the military with more accurate intelligence about inland Syria. 
How's that leading from behind working out Barack? 

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At 7:18 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

Is suspect that Southern Syria and Lebanon will not be conducive to life should they decide to unleash chemical weapons on Israel. Western pundits may pride themselves on believing that the Jews believe what THEY believe, that Jews in Israel don't have any RED LINES. But I assure you, attempting to gas Jews is a red line one that will incur a response they will talk about for a thousand years. It will be Biblical.


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