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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Google app plays Hitler in Arabic

A vile app developed by Google Play introduces Arabic-speaking audiences to the speeches of Adolph Hitler.
A free appli­ca­tion pro­vid­ing users with vile quotes attrib­uted to Hitler has been installed by over 10,000 users in the last 30 days through Google Play, the app store for Android products.
The Arabic-language app, “Hitler’s Say­ings,” allows users to read and share what it describes as Hitler’s “beau­ti­ful say­ings that we could ben­e­fit from in our lives” via social media networks.
A descrip­tion of the app says, “Hitler com­bines the charisma of the skill­ful physi­cian and the grand juggler…Read in this appli­ca­tion all of Hitler’s say­ings and share them with your friends.”
Among the quotes made avail­able to users are:
  • Jews are like the mos­qui­tos that suck our blood.”
  • I dis­cov­ered that the Jews are behind every immoral­ity or crime against society.”
  • I could have killed all the Jews in the world, but I spared some of them so you know why I killed the rest.”
  • Oh Ger­mans defend your­selves and never buy any­thing from the Jews.”
Other quotes attrib­uted to Hitler include, “The needs of soci­ety super­sede the needs of the indi­vid­ual” and “I will not have mercy over the weak until they become strong, and when they become strong they will not deserve mercy.”
Just what we need. Something to make the Arabs even more anti-Semitic than they are already. 

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