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Monday, January 21, 2013

Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) responds

I received this by email with a request that I post it. It was billed a response to the attack on Jeremy Gimpel (the narrator) for his comments about the Temple Mount. It's not. It's a campaign video. But I'll post it anyway, and then make a couple of comments at the end.

Let's go to the videotape.

Two quick comments. First, the attack on the Haredi parties because many secular Jews go abroad to marry is nonsense. The seculars aren't going to start using the rabbinate to marry tomorrow morning even if the chief rabbi is wearing a knitted skullcap the size of a shekel coin. It won't happen.

Second, the other night, Mrs. Carl and I were talking about the nightmare scenario of this election. The nightmare scenario is that some from the Left is asked to form the next government. If you think that can't happen, imagine this scenario:

In the election, ,the Likud is the largest party with 32 seats, a disappointment. Bayit Yehudi gets 14-15, an impressive showing.

Labor gets 18, Lapid gets 12 and Livni gets 6 (all of these numbers are close to the last set of polls). Those three parties go to Peres, who still has to designate who forms the government, and say 'We have agreed to act as one. We have 36 seats, Likud has 32. Please give us the first shot at forming the next government.'

Do you think that can't happen? The only thing stopping it from happening is the egos of the three Leftist party leaders Shimon Peres - who has the power to grant the mandate - would like nothing better than to have it happen.

Well, one other thing might stop it from happening: Livni and Lapid won't go into a coalition with the Haredim, and six from Meretz plus 11 Arabs won't add up to enough. But suppose Livni and Lapid say that Shas (11) is okay and so is Amsalem (2). Where are we then? What will Bayit Yehudi do? Keep Netanyahu from going into a coalition led by the Left?

Everyone assumes here that no one will go into a coalition with an Arab party. But where is that written?

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