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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Egyptians seize a ton of explosives in Suez

Egyptian authorities seized a truck carrying a ton of explosives at the entrance to the al-Shahid Ahmed Hamdi tunnel, which goes underneath the Suez Canal, according to a report in the Egyptian Daily News.
General Adel Rafat, director of Security in Suez, said after searching the vehicle that its passengers were suspected of planning to carry out an ambush in the tunnel.
Rafat also announced that 2.5 tonnes of similar explosives were found in three similar seizures over the last ten days.
After seizing the vehicle and concluding a report on the incident, the driver was detained at the Suez police department, and is expected to be presented in front of the city’s prosecutor, under the supervision of Ahmed Abd al-Halim, attorney general of Suez prosecutors.
The explosives are probably reaching Egypt from Libya. 

But I'm not sure I buy the ambush in the tunnel story, It seems far more likely that they were headed to northern Sinai or Gaza.


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