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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Israel scores direct hits on Syrian targets

The IDF scored direct hits against targets on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights on Monday in response to 'errant' Syrian mortar shells that landed in Israel. The IDF refused to say whether the mortar shells came from the Syrian army or the Islamist rebels.
β€œA short while ago, a mortar shell hit an open area in the vicinity of an [Israeli Defense Forces] post in the central Golan Heights, as part of the internal conflict inside Syria, causing no damage or injuries,” the military statement said.
β€œIn response, IDF soldiers fired tank shells towards the source of the fire, confirming direct hits. The IDF has filed a complaint with the UN forces operating in the area, stating that fire emanating from Syria into Israel will not be tolerated and shall be responded to with severity.”
Israel would be just as happy to see both sides kill each other off - the Islamist rebels being no better than Assad in our book. Just so long as they don't use their war as an excuse to take shots at us.

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