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Monday, November 12, 2012

US energy workers moving to Canada, maybe they should consider Israel?

The Los Angeles Times reports that lots of workers in the US energy industry are moving to Canada, a trend that seems likely to accelerate in light of Hussein Obama's reelection (Hat Tip: American Power).
U.S. workers, Canada wants you.
Here in the western province of Alberta, energy companies are racing to tap the region's vast deposits of oil sands. Canada is looking to double production by the end of the decade. To do so it will have to lure more workers — tens of thousands of them — to this cold and sparsely populated place. The weak U.S. recovery is giving them a big assist.
Canadian employers are swarming U.S. job fairs, advertising on radio and YouTube and using headhunters to lure out-of-work Americans north. California, with its 10.2% unemployment rate, has become a prime target. Canadian recruiters are headed to a job fair in the Coachella Valley next month to woo construction workers idled by the housing meltdown.
The Great White North might seem a tough sell with winter coming on. But the Canadians have honed their sales pitch: free universal healthcare, good pay, quality schools, retention bonuses and steady work.
"California has a lot of workers and we hope they come up," said Mike Wo, executive director of the Edmonton Economic Development Corp.
Read the whole thing

For those who might be inclined to think about moving to Israel, Israel also has a need for energy workers. We are developing several natural gas wells offshore, and there is evidence of oil shale in the sands here as well. So if you're in the energy industry and have ever thought about aliya, this seems like a really good time to look into it seriously.

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At 6:11 AM, Blogger Ross Taylor said...

Excellent article. In Canada, the the energy companies are vastly developed. Canada is looking to double production by the end of the decade. The peoples are working in the Canada energy industries have different places and countries. The U.S production are weak than the Canada. Canadian employers are excitedly pushing U.S. career exhibitions, promotion on stereo and YouTube and using headhunters to attract out-of-work Americans north. Market Research Report


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