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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why Ayalon's video matters

Jonathan Tobin makes an important point about the importance of Danny Ayalon's (seen here shaking hands with Saudi Arabia's Turki al-Faisal who later claimed he didn't shake hands with Ayalon) video. This is from the first link.
But for too long, Israel and even most of its defenders in the United States have been so intent on trying to appear reasonable, they have appeared to concede the Palestinians’ false charge the land was stolen from them. That’s the problem for those who worry about the nation’s image and media coverage. If the West Bank is stolen property then it should merely be returned to its owners and not be a subject for talks. By rightly putting forth Israel’s claims, Ayalon is buttressing his country’s negotiating position, not undermining it.

So long as the Palestinians talk of rights and the Israelis speak of security, the Palestinians will win the argument every time. Thus, it’s no surprise Erekat and the Palestinians are so exorcised by Ayalon’s video. If it becomes, as it should, the model for a new Israeli diplomatic offensive, the deputy foreign minister’s mantra that the terms “illegal occupation” and “67 borders” are “simply not politically correct” will become an effective talking point for the country’s defenders.
It's one thing for Carl in Jerusalem or representatives of the revenants in Judea and Samaria to say this sort of thing. It's quite another for a Deputy Minister to say it. And if the Prime Minister starts saying it, we'd really be getting somewhere. But Ayalon's video is very significant and that's why the 'Palestinians' have reacted so strongly to it.

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